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Updated: Jan 25


Ever feel like F! Why are relationships so hard? Marriage was hard and now dating as a single mom has me perplexed. I have braved the dating apps and it is obvious when people are there just to get laid. What about those of us that actually WANT to find our person? I am not necessarily looking to get married again. Let’s face it. If you never get married, you have a 100% chance of not getting a divorce. I do not have commitment phobia but I AM looking for my ride or die person! I about to launch a podcast called, “Things Women Want” because I am sick of men saying that women don’t know what they want. Drop the mic. I know what I want! Do you? I want a grounded, high energy, loyal partner who so happens to be great in bed. Let’s talk about that.

What does it mean to be grounded? I personally do not think it is humanly possible to get “grounded” in isolation. I have dated that guy over and over that vanished to go “figure his shit out.” Question, why the hell was that person dating in the first place? On behalf of all humans, I would like to request that if anyone feels ‘ungrounded’ please don’t date. Energy vampires are a major drag. Instead of asking another person to make you feel good, find ways to feel peace alone FIRST. What kind of activities do you enjoy? For some it is a long hike or a good sweat on a yoga mat. For me it is the gym, lots of sleep and time with nature. When I have filled up my own cup, time with friends is always grounding. I have an amazing soul tribe. Some are Christian and some are the non-religious type. Regardless, all my friends are deep solid humans. They keep me from self-sabotage and keep me in line. I want a partner that already has that networked in his life!

Loyalty, Trust, and Respect are the foundation for any relationship. I want to go to a photoshoot, the gym or a trip without worrying if we are “solid.” When I say “high vibe” I am stating that I want a partner that has a positive outlook on life. Gloom and doom is such a mood killer. Let's face it, we create our own reality. If my partner is doing things that he is passionate about, we will feel positive even when we are apart. I respect their craft and they respect mine.

Sex. For many of us, this is our number one, right? If your partner is grounded, loyal and high vibe, the attraction will grow over time. The initial attraction will never last if it is superficial. If we only put our phones down and really listened to our partners, that amazing communication would transfer to the bedroom. Motivated yet? Deep connection/tantric sex cannot come without intention. Both partners need to be highly conscious and make connecting daily a priority!

I would like to add a quick note about friends with benefits only because this seems to be the norm now a days. I do want to sleep with my best friend. Let me be clear here. Friends with benefits are not for me. For those that "don't do relationships" my question is why? Isn’t being emotionally unavailable a bit lonely? Do you really want to die alone? I would like to challenge my readers to be such a highly evolved human that low conscious relationship are a turn off! Hold space for the partner that wants to rock your world with loyalty, love and sex tricks!

I left my marriage after 11 years of being underappreciated and overlooked. I took my power back and decided to abandon anything that hindered my growth. Professionally speaking, if it scared me, I did it. I have walked fashion runway (with mobility issues), been published and now have helped dozens of people reshape their life. I am trained in holistic healing and have a bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science. When I am able to treat the mind, body and spirit my clients are finally able to get BREAKTHOUGH.

I help create new framework and PERSONALIZED structure to simulate consistent progression. Remote workouts in your living room, daily check lists and check-ins set up my clients for a life of intention. My clients work hard but they live full, healthy sexy lives. This is my life purpose. I help people find theirs.

Get over the intimidation. We all die. Do it scared. Do it freaked out. Stop looking back. If you want that grounded, sexy faithful partner, you are going to have to heal yourself first. The healed attract the healed. The whole attract the whole. If you read this to the end, I wrote this article just for you. Visit my website and fill our contact form. Get ready for your phone ring. Your life is calling.

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