3 Babies and 1 Divorce....How I Brought Sexy Back!

The question I get all the time, is how does one become a model after having three babies? Seems that it is very typical that divorcees go from soggy to sleek but model? First of all, anyone can model with some coaching. Every shape and size is beautiful! For me, saying ‘yes’ to a shoot was more like a confidence thing. Believe me when I say that I was scared outta my mind when I agreed to do my first photoshoot. After my divorce, I had it this horrible repetitive phrase in my head. It went something like this, “you are not good enough and you never will be.” My first shoot was just okay but the fact that they didn’t take one look at me and send me home was profound to me. Two years later, I have walked runway and have even gotten published in magazines. It still terrifies me because I am 4o and I still haven’t fully accepted that I am enough. What can I say? I am a work in progress…

To answer how I did it, I first must say that every human is different and there is not just one way to get fit. There are hundreds of methods, diets and gimmicks. I am not here to sell myself or my methods. I simply want to inspire, motivate and coach!

For starters, it is an energy and mind thing. Sometimes we are pulled in so many different directions and our damn phones keep us looking down instead of UP. It is simple as it sounds. Look up. Look in the mirror. Look at the stars, the sky, the beautiful world around you. Take it back your energy. Look up, place a hand on your heart and start reprogramming your brain.

Remember the days you would get in your car and pop in your favorite CD? Maybe you missed this era. Stick with me here. My favorite CD was Ace of Base. I remember the song “The Sign” would relentlessly skip because it was scratched. I could fast forward though that part or skip the song entirely. Are you in a hard chapter of your life? For me, it was a hard DECADE. My health was shit and my energy was zero. Just being honest. After poppin out three kids my thyroid was pissed and I my hair was falling out in handfuls. Doctors said that the medication was not a cure but that with time, my mood and energy would improve. I was angry. Depressed and seriously outta shape.

First thing I did was get on a supplement called L-Carnitine. Not CREATINE, Carnitine. They are very different. I wont go into how it works here, but all I will say is that it seriously helped with energy and mobilizing fat. There are many different types and brands on the market. It is not expensive and I noticed a difference in only a few weeks. I became less reliant on coffee and the afternoon energy slump started to diminish.

Second thing I did was get my ass back in a gym. I had no idea what exercises I could do because I was seriously weak. I was also quite phobic of people staring at me. I faced my fear and got a membership. A huge motivator for me was that I got a break from the cooking, laundry and cleaning. It was my time. It almost felt like a vacation to play some music with sexy lyrics and MOVE my body. The endorphins were an old friend and I started to sleep better. I loved the feeling of my abs and glutes feeling sore. It made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something…and I was…very, very slowly. It was a slow climb. So worth it.

Third thing I did was create structure for myself. I tried to get to the gym the same time three times a week. When I was not at the gym, I found other ways to stay active. I still had bad thyroid days but my shrinking waist line kept my spirits up. I also was very intentional on the self-talk. No more Negative Nancy. I realized that the mental battle was going to be harder than the physical.

The battle is in the mind. You are what you think and how you act and how you feel. If you THINK you are unattractive then you will FEEL ugly. If you simply change your mind and focus on the qualities that you like about yourself, come on you can find a few, focus on those. How in the world can you expect others to like you if you don’t even like yourself? You don’t need a partner for that. You NEED YOU for that. It sounds simple, but I started to act like I gave a damn about myself. Shoulders back. Head up. Smile at strangers. Wear clothes that actually fit! Basics. How do we forget this stuff as adults?!

I think what it comes down to is that we all want the same thing. I think we all want to make money doing what we love. I love helping people and I am absolutely enthralled with photography. I live passionately and do work that thrills me. Secondly, I think we all want to be desired, emotionally and sexually. Maybe you are one of those few that could care less about sex but you just want to feel healthy. Either way, we all want to feel good in our body. So how do we get there is the million dollar question?! The mind and body need to get on the same page and nobody can do that but you. Nobody, not even me can force you to change you. Besides, who wants to be forced? I do believe that you can have anything that you want. You can feel sexy, wanted and even look at the number on your bank account on not grimace. Start with loving yourself and I will do the vulnerable writer thing and share my life. Thank you for allowing me to briefly touch your life today.

Your Wellness Coach and Friend,


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